CINCINION is a brand of French-made cosmetics that offers a range of high-quality skin-care products based on the bioactive compounds that are found in snails of the species Helix aspersa maxima. Each of the cosmetic products owes its exceptional regenerating, replenishing and whitening properties to the chemical composition of lyophilized (freeze-dried) snail mucus and caviar. As such, the collection of creams and serums provides the most effective solution derived from natural sources for treating dermatological conditions such as: Wrinkles and expression lines, including "crow's feet"; Acne and traces of acne; Rosacea; Age spots and freckles; Stretch marks and scars. How could such a negligible, but widespread creature prove to be so useful? In fact, snail mucus and eggs, due to their designated functions to provide lubrication and prevent desiccation and to accumulate a supply of essential nutrients, respectively, contain a unique combination of organic compounds that have, above all, been established to possess a beneficial and therapeutic effect on the human skin. Among the ingredients present in the lyophilized mucus and caviar are the following elements, which do remain chemically unaltered throughout the process of drying, COLLAGEN and ELASTIN – the most important proteins present in the skin and connective tissue, offering support and elasticity and promoting skin integrity. SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE – an antioxidant that protects cells both from oxygen radicals and hydrogen peroxide. ALLANTOIN – an organic compound that accelerates the formation of collagen and that revitalizes, heals and softens the skin. FREE-FORM AMINO ACIDS – pure amino acids, which stimulate the regenerative processes in the skin and rejuvenate it. HYALURONIC ACID – a compound that increases tissue hydration, helps cells retain moisture and plays an overall crucial role in skin regeneration. In addition, HYALURONIC ACID has a soothing and skin healing effect, removing the fine lines on the face when applied locally. FOLIC ACID – one of the B vitamins that, among other things, helps unclog pores and kill acne-causing bacteria. GLYCOLIC ACID, LACTIC ACID and SODIUM LACTATE – compounds with excellent exfoliating and moisturizing effects no less due to their mutual compatibility. VITAMIN A and E – micronutrients that protect, enrich and soften the skin. SORBITOL – the sugar that is the most suitable moisturizer. By mechanism of action it resembles amino acids. It forms a soft layer on the skin, retaining moisture in the stratum corneum (horny layer). UREA – an organic compound that acts as a bacteriostatic agent. It helps epithelialize, hydrate and soften the skin. In addition to the lyophilized snail mucus and caviar, each beauty product in the series, depending on its function, is supplemented with some of the following active and commonly-used ingredients, D-PANTHENOL – a provitamin of B5 with moisturizing properties, helping healing wounds and restoring the smoothness of the skin. COENZYME Q10 – a vitamin-resembling fat-soluble substance that acts as a powerful “energy activator”, stimulating biological functions. The COENZYME Q10 is an antioxidant that extends skin cells’ longevity, restores their vitality, and conserves the body’s youth and beauty. ALPHA BISABOLOL – primary constituent of the essential oil from chamomile, acting as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic agent. ARGAN OIL – a plant oil that is exclusive to Morocco. It gives vitality to the skin by regenerating and rejuvenating existing skin cells, and accelerating the growth of new healthy cells. MATRIXYL 3000 – patented formula of peptides that speed up cell renewal and restore damaged skin barriers. In clinical trials, they have been shown to reduce wrinkles and prevent aging. REGU AGE – an anti-ageing complex that improves microcirculation, reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes, decreases the quantity of free radicals, and eliminates wrinkles. Each of CINCINION’s products comprises of an original cosmetic formula that has been developed through innovative technology, with the utmost care, under the strictest adherence to quality standards, and in line with established norms for dermatological testing, providing an effective and natural way of dealing with dermatological problems and helping preserve skin integrity and ensure a youthful appearance. THE EXTRACT IS ETHICALLY SOURCED FROM LIVE SNAILS WITHOUT HARMING THEM