The Cannes Festival, style and glamor of the red carpet

by eCasting Team, Jan. 2, 2020

In the days of May 14-25, 2019, the Cannes Festival was held. And this time, the red carpet was celebrating celebrities from all major cinemas around the world. It was impressive how Alain Delon received his award for overall creativity. His daughter Anushka handed him a Golden Palm for his contribution to cinema. Delon is strongly criticized for his position on migrants and gay marriages. However, it is an idol of 6 generations of filmmakers from Europe and the world. Delon is the sexy boy of French cinema and, together with the bad boy from the films Jean-Paul Belmondo, forms the face of the 20th century film art. Furro in this year's edition of the festival made Tarantino after a long break. His story "Once Upon a ... Hollywood," was set up in 1969 and tells about the relationship between an actor and his double. The main roles include Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. At the ceremony, the two actors were without their halves, but in the company of Margo Robbie, who plays a leading role in Quentin Tarantino's film. Quentin called victoriously "Live the Cinema," crossing the red carpet. He introduced Leo and Brother as the best screen couple of the time of Paul Newman and Robert Redford. The premiere of "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" is scheduled for August. The contest included 19 bands this year. One of the most interesting is Pedro Almodóvar. "Pain and Glory" is a film autobiography for the director who tells about the life and work of Almodovar. The lead role is Antonio Banderas, one of the successful Spanish-speaking actors. The Darden Brothers perform with Young Ahmed, a film about the radicalization of youth. Loach introduces himself with "Sorry We Missed You", a plot for the working class in the UK. Terrence Malik presented himself with "Hidden Life". Marko Belokio presents The Traitor, dedicated to a reptilian mafia. South Korean and Chinese cinema also entered the Cannes Festival program. French cinema was in the program with several titles. Arnaud Depletion showed his "Ruby, Light", a story and a police story. Ruby is the city where Matthew was born and whom he studiedThe other French proposal, "The Clerks", is the debut of director Laj Li. For the first time in the contest, Celine Siamas with "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" and Justine Trie with "Sybil". The awards were given at a magnificent ceremony, and the jury handed the Golden Palm to the honors. South Korean director Bong John Ho received a prize for his film The Parasite. Antonio Banderas won the best male role. Brothers Darden received the director's prize at the festival. The screenplay prize went to "Portraitof a Woman in Fire" by Celine Siam. Emily Beachem received the best female role award. The special prize was for Elia Suleiman. The Cannes Festival has 72 editions. Launched in 1939 at the initiative of French Minister and Atterny Jean Ze. The opening date of the festival was fateful on 1 September 1939, the next day World War II began. The revival of the festival is on 20 September 1946. The following editions are already taking place in May with a few exceptions. The Cannes Festival is a way for directors to sell their work to the producers. The prizes awarded to the winners of the festival are Golden Palm, Grand Prize, Jury Award, Golden Palm for Best Short Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, Screenplay and Director Award, FIPRESCI Award. The jury president this year was Alejandro Gonzales Inyarito, a Mexican director, himself the winner of the Golden Palm. The commission included El Fanning, director Alice Rorvaher, Enki Bilal, a colleague of Rorvahner, writer and director Robert Campiyo, Maimouna N'Diye, Kelly Reyhard, George Lantimos and Pavel Pavlikowski. In 2019, the festival was dedicated to recently deceased actress Agnes Varda. Varda was on the main poster of cinema.